Introduction of the Company

We specialize in high-speed rotary mechanism and heat utilizing device.
When mechanism is in higher rotation, higher cost and precise machines are needed for designing and manufacturing for the parts like shaft, gear, mechanical seal, engine and rotary parts which demand sophisticated technology in manufacturing, adjusting precision of dynamic balancing and operating.
We use original know-how for the design, precise processing technology, adopt worldwide branded articles to the main parts, and get general-purpose parts from abroad at small cost. Those ways make it possible to develop and manufacture the fast revolving machinery of great precision and low cost.
Because of it, we can deal with both mass production and individual production quickly at high quality and low price.
Additionally, the ultra-compact heat exchanger (already applied patent) can be fixed inside various equipment and instruments, to make the equipment which exchanges heat efficiently smaller and lighter.
If you have any problems when using the precision high-speed rotary machinery or the heat exchanger, please feel free to contact us. We will be forthcoming to render any supports and suggestion.

Introduction of products